The Timeless Way of Programming

Patterns of Class Design

by Kevlin Henney,


Why use patterns?

Karl Marx

What are patterns?

What is a design pattern?

Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides

Elements of reusable OO software

Related concepts

Algorithms and data structures vs patterns

Idioms vs design patterns

Form and content of a pattern

Christopher Alexander

Software pattern documentation





Where do patterns come from?

What makes a pattern good?

Christopher Alexander


Organising and classifying patterns

An alternative approach...

Murray Gell-Mann

Talk presented at the OMT User Group seminar on The Practical Application of OMT, Monday 22nd January 1996, Oxford Science Park, UK. Also appeared in the Winter 1996 BCS OOPS Newsletter. Minor corrections applied to current version.

© Copyright Kevlin Henney